Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love Starbucks? Next Time Order A Shorty.

Living without a cup of Starbucks every now and then has got to be a sin. I'm telling you, I just need to have a cup of joy in my life.

When I first started my weight loss regimen I told myself I wasn't going to touch Starbucks..... O_O WRONG! I had to have some warm, yummy, goodness in my life.

The good news is that Starbucks offers options for the calorie conscious. You can order a drink with as little as 80 calories in it. With that being said, I've learned to order my drinks in the "short" size (8 oz.) instead of "tall". In addition, I request non-fat milk. My new drink of choice: The Chai Tea Latte...Yum.

I used to be a Tall White Chocolate Mocha girl with all of the whole fat milk, plus whipped cream. Today, I can't go that route. So the short Chai Tea Latte is my favorite drink when I crave the taste and atmosphere of Starbucks. It's naturally sweet and still has the creaminess of a coffee latte. The key is understanding how many calories are in your favorite drinks and requesting smaller sizes and healthier milk options (minus the whipped cream).

Here's a list of Starbucks' drinks with the least amount of calories. Remember, order the "SHORTY" (short). You can also get some of the drinks below made as frapuccinos....Yum! Happy Starbucks-ing!


  1. Reading this reminds me of when you came to D.C. and we went to the Starbucks in Union Station. Remember? The lady was mad, because they didn't have one of the toppings or something of that nature. LOL! Nice job Reefy!

  2. Also, here's what I learned from reading this: Instead of the 12 count nugget meal from Chick-Fil-A order the 8 count. MODERATION! :-)

  3. LMAO! I remember that all too well. We can go to that Starbucks at Union Station again in April to visit Boondisha. LOL she might have some whipped cream this time. And yeah... you're so right about the 8 count nuggets, lol weirdo.