Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Cans of Crisco Gone Down the Drain

Last week marked 13 weeks!!!! I've been on my weight loss journey for over over THREE MONTHS! I learned last Friday that I've lost 30 lbs. total since starting in January. Yes 30 POUNDS! I'm excited!!!! I'm under 230 pounds now and I'm looking forward to getting out of the 200 range by the summer.

This is an exciting point for me because for a long time, I couldn't make it out of the 230 pound range. This is usually the point where I relapse, start getting lazy and reverse my progress. But I'm finally breaking that trend. I can see myself closer to the finish line and I'm so anxious and excited to get back into my size 12 jeans. I'm about 27 pounds away from wearing a size 12 again (yes, I can fit a 12 at 200 lbs). It's just all really exciting.

My biggest worry at this point is toning. What will my body really look like after losing over 50-60+ pounds? So, to avoid excessive "flab", I plan on incorporating toning exercises and strength training once I reach about 210 pounds.

I'm so excited y'all! And yeah, 30 pounds is the equivalent of 30 gallons of Crisco. Can you imagine how heavy that is?!?! It's also the same weight as 4 gallons of water. How many of you can carry four gallons of water at once? Yeah... I'll wait........................................ It's crazy to think that's what I was carrying on my body and I still have more to lose!

I'm not stopping and neither should you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fat Little Fit Goes Clubbin!

Fat Little Fit Girl has been getting it in on the club scene lately ya''ll! Woooo! Two Saturdays in one month is quite a stretch for me, lol. I'm proud of myself though.

I've noticed that my body mistakes dancing and prancing around the club as "power aerobics" or something of that nature, because baaaybeeey....I SWEAT like crazy on the dance floor these days. Sheesh... I literally need to carry a super absorbent cloth in my clutch because I cannot dance without sweating non-stop since working out consistently.

What I've learned is that my body is in constant fat burn mode. This is a great thing for me physically, but it's hard to maintain the excessive sweating in situations like this. Ya girl needs help!!!

However, on a less sweaty note.......... I can totally "drop down low and sweep the floor wit it" in 6 inch boots without a problem! Clonk [NeNe voice]!!!! I guess that's the plus side of clubbing after spending hours a week in the gym, lol.

Progress Report: 11 Weeks Strong

Yes...... this is yet another LATE weight loss update and I do apologize. Fat Little Fit Girl is still LOSING WEIGHT! It's been such a long time that I'm sure some of you were beginning to wonder, lol.

At the end of this week, I will be 12 weeks into my weight loss journey. I'm feeling great and seeing differences body wise. It gets hard sticking to my workout regimen and meal plan but I feel like I'm managing well.

Here's my 11 week progress report. To date, I've lost a total of 27 lbs. I'm almost 30 pounds down ya'll! Take a look at my progress so far and please share your progress with me. Also, don't hesitate to send me questions or ask for one on one encouragement! Stay strong during your fight to fabulous!!!

Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake. ~Author Unknown

(Hilarious right?!?! Stop sedating the HEALTHY person within you! lol. I'm totally guilty of this.)