Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fashionably Fit: Owning Sneakers

Not too long ago, I was the girl saying "I only own one pair of sneakers and I hardly ever wear them. I'm a high heels/cute flats kinda girl". ::Blank Stare:: O_O

When I reflect on that statement I cringe. The fact that I only owned one pair of sneakers and hardly wore them only meant athleticism didn't really exist in my life. That quote is soooo NOT cute or sexy to me now. You will NEVER catch me saying that again.

Currently, I own three pairs of sneakers with hints of vibrant colors to match my workout clothes (my newest pair pictured left). I'm adding to my collection month by month and I think it's so important to feel cute when working out. It's also important to be comfortable. Know what shoes are best for your foot type and your workout routine (I'll cover that in another blog). Looking good while working out boosts your enthusiasm and you'll probably workout more because of it.

Sneakers come in some of the cutest styles these days. So there's no reason why you shouldn't be proud to own and shop for fabulous running and training shoes.

Here are a couple of shoes I found while browsing online. Shop around! Find outfits to match your sneakers and make your everyday fitness wardrobe fashionable! I'm going to share more of my own "Fashionably Fit" workout pieces in some of my future blogs! Enjoy!

How Much Weight Did You Lose This Week?!? (2/26/2011)

So I have great news!!! After my midweek battle with a slice of carrot cake I still managed to lose.....


There is a GOD!!!! LOL. Let's just say I spent a large portion of my evenings in the gym this week. I was so nervous weighing in today but the end result was positive so...I'm happy. My new weight is 240 lbs.

Getting closer to my weight loss goals!!! Yay!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carrot Cake Blues

Work can be the worst place to be when trying to lose weight. There's cake for every celebration. Cake for retirements, cake for birthdays, cake for anniversaries and cake just because office folks like cake. Unfortunately, today I had a fight with a piece of carrot cake. I mean... it was intense. I could just hear it arguing back and forth with me and sadly, the carrot cake won. :-(

Lol. You guys are probably like WTH is wrong with this girl. Seriously though, I went through a mental rumble with this cake. I ended up eating a small piece and the 274 lbs girl I use to be, was almost ready to make her appearance. I almost went back for seconds yall. Luckily, I didn't.

But any who... I'm going to put in work at the gym for the rest of the week because of this stupid piece of carrot cake. More calories consumed means more time at the gym for me.

SMH...we'll see how this turns out at weigh in on Friday. Y'all pray for a sista. lol!
"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional."
- Roger Crawford

How Much Weight Did You Lose This Week?!? (2/18/2011)

This is extremely late but I wanted to post my progress as of last week. I weighed in early last week (Thursday instead of Friday) because I was traveling. So, how much did I lose?..........
My current weight as of 2/18/2011 is 242 lbs.

Always remember that one pound toward your weight loss goal is A LOT! Every ounce/pound counts! Our bodies aren't made to lose large numbers of weight every week and sometimes we may even plateau. So stay encouraged despite the numbers!

Friday, February 11, 2011

How Much Weight Did You Lose This Week?!? (2/11/2011)

Today was my first weigh in since starting this blog and I lost..................


My current weight is now: 243 lbs (started at 257 lbs).

I'm going to continue to post my progress each week. Good luck on your weight loss journeys!!! Please share how much you've lost or what progress you've made on your road toward a healthier life.

My Progress Since January 2011

Hi Everyone! I know I don't have a ton of followers but for those interested.... here is my progress so far since restarting my journey toward my weight loss goal. I will be posting an update tonight for this weeks weigh in and every week going forward! Here's what I've done So far!

"What are stumbling blocks and defeat before you, can be stepping stones to victory if you remain determined."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

To Carb or Not to Carb

Guilty Pleasure
Ok people.... I will admit it, I am a CARB-A-HOLIC!!!! Yeast rolls, lasagnas and cupcakes are some of my absolute favorite foods to eat. Sadly, they quickly become my waistline's worst enemy. :-(

Part of my weight loss success has been learning what foods should be limited in my diet and for me, carbs have to be cut down to a minimum. Don't worry though! I still get my nutrients for energy by eating what the experts call, Complex carbs.

Knowing the Difference Between Simple Carbs and Complex Carbs
All of the goodies I named above (mmm drooling just thinking about them) fall into the Simple carbs category. These foods lack in needed nutrients and can drive your blood sugar levels through the roof! If consumed too much, Simple carbs will inevitably cause you to gain weight, especially if you're not exercising.
(Some examples of Simple carbs include: cakes, candy, white flour breads, white flour pastas, sodas, corn syrup, high sugar cereals, fruit juice, alcoholic beverages/wine and table sugar)

All of the foods above taste good, but are the worst for anyone trying to lose weight. This is why I stick to Complex Carbs.

Complex carbs have a different affect on your body. These carbs are high in fiber, aid in improving your digestive system and keep your energy levels even.
(Some examples of Complex carbs include: Vegetables, fruits, beans, brown rice, yogurt and oatmeal.)

Bottom Line
For the best weight loss results I stick to Complex carbs majority of the time in my meal plan. On weekends however, I will treat myself to a Simple carb or two but always keeping control of the portions. At the end of the day, it's important to understand that your body needs carbohydrates to thrive, just choose the right ones.

So, when pondering on the question "to carb or not to carb?" always remember... Complex carbs are your friend in moderation. Carb, but carb well!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Fat to Fit.... to Fat Again (My Story)

Accomplishing It All...I Think? O_o
Attending college was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I met new people, learned an overwhelming amount of work ethic and even snagged a promising career before walking across the graduation stage. All of my accomplishments sound amazing. However, during this phase of my life I failed to take notice of something that my academic and career goals depended on the most. That something.....was my health.

In December 2009, I graduated with a degree, a career and 274 pounds of body weight to my name. The weight gain was a result of over indulging in unhealthy foods and failing to workout consistently throughout my college career. I would often times start to workout and eat healthy, but unfortunately stop because I put other things before my well being, such as homework, jobs and my social life. Not being able to incorporate healthy living with these aspects of my life caused me to fail miserably at losing weight and I eventually reached my highest weight EVER. This needed to change fast!

-Graduation Day, Dec. 2009

The Turn Around
Several months after graduating and beginning my career as a business analyst in 2010, I began working out and eating healthier on a consistent basis again. I was determined to get as far away from 274 lbs as possible. During the course of four months I successfully lost 35 lbs. I felt much healthier and dropped two dress sizes. Not to mention, my new body weight of 239 lbs. My weight loss was meaningful, however I still had a long way to go. I continued working out and eating healthy for a little while after my 35 lbs weight loss achievement.

-Me 35 lbs lighter, May 2010

Giving In and Getting Lazy!
In October 2010, my weight loss spree came to a halt when I began working out less and eating more. I was well aware of what this habit would do to my body, yet I felt like I could take a break from what was in essence, taking care of me. By the end of December 2010, I'd gained back 18 lbs. Talk about giving in and getting lazy, SMH.

-18 lbs Heavier, Nov. 2010

The Journey Continues
After the avoidable set back of gaining 18 lbs, I've now taken total control of my weight loss efforts. Since January 15, 2011, I've lost a total of 9 lbs and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Losing weight has been a constant struggle of mine, dating well before my college years. Each time that I've failed, I've learned something new about what it takes to be successful at losing weight and maintaing the results of such. Below is a picture of me after losing weight in 2004. I plan on getting back to that size and staying there (or lose a little extra) using the knowledge I've developed over the years of my fight with weight loss.

This blog will be dedicated to documenting my continued weight loss journey and I hope to inspire others along the way.

-Me at 198 lbs , April 2004 (MY CURRENT SHORT TERM TARGET WEIGHT)

Upcoming Blog: To Carb or Not to Carb