Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fashionably Fit: Owning Sneakers

Not too long ago, I was the girl saying "I only own one pair of sneakers and I hardly ever wear them. I'm a high heels/cute flats kinda girl". ::Blank Stare:: O_O

When I reflect on that statement I cringe. The fact that I only owned one pair of sneakers and hardly wore them only meant athleticism didn't really exist in my life. That quote is soooo NOT cute or sexy to me now. You will NEVER catch me saying that again.

Currently, I own three pairs of sneakers with hints of vibrant colors to match my workout clothes (my newest pair pictured left). I'm adding to my collection month by month and I think it's so important to feel cute when working out. It's also important to be comfortable. Know what shoes are best for your foot type and your workout routine (I'll cover that in another blog). Looking good while working out boosts your enthusiasm and you'll probably workout more because of it.

Sneakers come in some of the cutest styles these days. So there's no reason why you shouldn't be proud to own and shop for fabulous running and training shoes.

Here are a couple of shoes I found while browsing online. Shop around! Find outfits to match your sneakers and make your everyday fitness wardrobe fashionable! I'm going to share more of my own "Fashionably Fit" workout pieces in some of my future blogs! Enjoy!


  1. Your Blog was on point! I actually just bout new cute pink work out Nikes and a matching shirt! Cant wait to see my trainer 2nite!!!

  2. Yes! I love finding nice workout clothes. As I lose more weight I'm adding to my collection. And I'm trying to build my workout sneaker collection too. Slowly but surely. Thanks for reading hun!