Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Fat to Fit.... to Fat Again (My Story)

Accomplishing It All...I Think? O_o
Attending college was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I met new people, learned an overwhelming amount of work ethic and even snagged a promising career before walking across the graduation stage. All of my accomplishments sound amazing. However, during this phase of my life I failed to take notice of something that my academic and career goals depended on the most. That something.....was my health.

In December 2009, I graduated with a degree, a career and 274 pounds of body weight to my name. The weight gain was a result of over indulging in unhealthy foods and failing to workout consistently throughout my college career. I would often times start to workout and eat healthy, but unfortunately stop because I put other things before my well being, such as homework, jobs and my social life. Not being able to incorporate healthy living with these aspects of my life caused me to fail miserably at losing weight and I eventually reached my highest weight EVER. This needed to change fast!

-Graduation Day, Dec. 2009

The Turn Around
Several months after graduating and beginning my career as a business analyst in 2010, I began working out and eating healthier on a consistent basis again. I was determined to get as far away from 274 lbs as possible. During the course of four months I successfully lost 35 lbs. I felt much healthier and dropped two dress sizes. Not to mention, my new body weight of 239 lbs. My weight loss was meaningful, however I still had a long way to go. I continued working out and eating healthy for a little while after my 35 lbs weight loss achievement.

-Me 35 lbs lighter, May 2010

Giving In and Getting Lazy!
In October 2010, my weight loss spree came to a halt when I began working out less and eating more. I was well aware of what this habit would do to my body, yet I felt like I could take a break from what was in essence, taking care of me. By the end of December 2010, I'd gained back 18 lbs. Talk about giving in and getting lazy, SMH.

-18 lbs Heavier, Nov. 2010

The Journey Continues
After the avoidable set back of gaining 18 lbs, I've now taken total control of my weight loss efforts. Since January 15, 2011, I've lost a total of 9 lbs and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Losing weight has been a constant struggle of mine, dating well before my college years. Each time that I've failed, I've learned something new about what it takes to be successful at losing weight and maintaing the results of such. Below is a picture of me after losing weight in 2004. I plan on getting back to that size and staying there (or lose a little extra) using the knowledge I've developed over the years of my fight with weight loss.

This blog will be dedicated to documenting my continued weight loss journey and I hope to inspire others along the way.

-Me at 198 lbs , April 2004 (MY CURRENT SHORT TERM TARGET WEIGHT)

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  1. Love the blog! We all struggle with different things in life and weight is a big struggle for a lot of peolpe. I know this journey will end with good results, we'll def be on Miami Beach then!!

  2. Not gonna lie, I teared up when I read this....have been going through that same journey and believe me it gets harder as you get older! Congrats on the 9lbs and to many more.

  3. Lol Yes! Miami beach is callin our names girl! lol Dani, thank you for reading my blog and the words of encouragement.

    T'maia, thank you for reading as well. We just have to stick with the goal of getting healthier because at the end of the day, nothing else matters. Thanks for the congrats and we're definitely on the same journey! Let's stay encouraged! :-)

  4. SO INSPIRING! Me being at my biggest size currently, I am in the same mind set, to get healthy and to make it a life style not a temporary change! As you go through your journey, I will be going through mine! I am POSITIVE we will be looking GREAT in the Bahamas! Stay Faithful Letha! *Begin with the end in mind* OHH LE' DO IT!!!! *In My Crunk Waka Voice* lol!

  5. Aletha...This is beautiful and inspiring especially since I am trying to do the same thing as well. College did pack those pounds on us but we will get back to our healthier and sexier selves in time. I know you will reach your goal. This blog is great!

    Dani...I will see ya'll on beaches of Miami as well.

    Kaila....Bahamas here we come!! #POW

  6. LOL.. Kaila and Channez... we will all be celebrating our weight loss successes in the Bahamas for sure. No procrastination, let's get this done NOW!

  7. No matter your size, your outfits stay BAD!! I'm so inspired by you and I'm proud of you! You're a brave woman!