Thursday, February 10, 2011

To Carb or Not to Carb

Guilty Pleasure
Ok people.... I will admit it, I am a CARB-A-HOLIC!!!! Yeast rolls, lasagnas and cupcakes are some of my absolute favorite foods to eat. Sadly, they quickly become my waistline's worst enemy. :-(

Part of my weight loss success has been learning what foods should be limited in my diet and for me, carbs have to be cut down to a minimum. Don't worry though! I still get my nutrients for energy by eating what the experts call, Complex carbs.

Knowing the Difference Between Simple Carbs and Complex Carbs
All of the goodies I named above (mmm drooling just thinking about them) fall into the Simple carbs category. These foods lack in needed nutrients and can drive your blood sugar levels through the roof! If consumed too much, Simple carbs will inevitably cause you to gain weight, especially if you're not exercising.
(Some examples of Simple carbs include: cakes, candy, white flour breads, white flour pastas, sodas, corn syrup, high sugar cereals, fruit juice, alcoholic beverages/wine and table sugar)

All of the foods above taste good, but are the worst for anyone trying to lose weight. This is why I stick to Complex Carbs.

Complex carbs have a different affect on your body. These carbs are high in fiber, aid in improving your digestive system and keep your energy levels even.
(Some examples of Complex carbs include: Vegetables, fruits, beans, brown rice, yogurt and oatmeal.)

Bottom Line
For the best weight loss results I stick to Complex carbs majority of the time in my meal plan. On weekends however, I will treat myself to a Simple carb or two but always keeping control of the portions. At the end of the day, it's important to understand that your body needs carbohydrates to thrive, just choose the right ones.

So, when pondering on the question "to carb or not to carb?" always remember... Complex carbs are your friend in moderation. Carb, but carb well!

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