Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fat Little Fit Goes Clubbin!

Fat Little Fit Girl has been getting it in on the club scene lately ya''ll! Woooo! Two Saturdays in one month is quite a stretch for me, lol. I'm proud of myself though.

I've noticed that my body mistakes dancing and prancing around the club as "power aerobics" or something of that nature, because baaaybeeey....I SWEAT like crazy on the dance floor these days. Sheesh... I literally need to carry a super absorbent cloth in my clutch because I cannot dance without sweating non-stop since working out consistently.

What I've learned is that my body is in constant fat burn mode. This is a great thing for me physically, but it's hard to maintain the excessive sweating in situations like this. Ya girl needs help!!!

However, on a less sweaty note.......... I can totally "drop down low and sweep the floor wit it" in 6 inch boots without a problem! Clonk [NeNe voice]!!!! I guess that's the plus side of clubbing after spending hours a week in the gym, lol.

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