Friday, June 17, 2011

Beauty Bites: How to Grow Longer Nails FAST!

"Nail biting is a mild form of self mutilation"

O_o ...........Now what now?!?!

When I read this quote a few months ago I was rocking an acrylic full set covered in turquoise O.P.I polish. I wore fake nails because if I didn't have anything on top of my natural nail, I'd gnaw them off in a matter of seconds.

I've been a nail biter for 24 years (FYI: I'm 24 years old, smh). There has to be an ending somewhere right? Well....... thank God for that quote and my aunt's secret to growing longer nails FAST. I can finally say I am no longer a nail nibbler because I've learned to take care of my own natural nails.

Here's how I've grown my nails from nubs to a pretty decent length in one month (as seen in the pictures above):

Step 1: Remove old nail polish from nails
Step 2: Use a cuticle pusher and your favorite oil to push back your cuticles
Step 3: Soak nails in WHITE vinegar for 5 minutes. Rinse hands and nails with soap and water
Step 4: Rub nails and cuticles with Vitamin E oil. Massage for about a minute per hand, then rinse. Step 5: Coat each nail with Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails clear nail hardener (found in drugstores) Step 6: Choose your favorite nail color. Add two coats of the colored polish to your nails.
step 7: Add one last coat of Hard As Nails as a top coatStep 8: Dry nails using a hair dryer on low

Step 9: Repeat this process every 3 days or as needed. (I recommend 3 days)

Alright! I hope you guys get the same results I did. I'll keep you all posted on my nail growth over the next several months.

Stay Fit....and FAB!

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